Don’t miss these 5 blogs, if you love Redefined Modern Design

Have a passion for modern design and architecture? Love to travel? Appreciate art? Curious about the world of science and nature? Then we think you should see these blogs. They’re some of our favorites from the last couple of weeks.

As we’ve previously confessed, we don’t always re-post right away, so, if you’ve already seen them, we hope you share our excitement about these captivating stories. Our appreciation goes out to all those who originally posted them. Thank you!

Take a moment, and check these out. We don’t think you’ll regret it.

1 Fabric art exhibition in the Netherlands

This art exhibit at The Helmond Museum in The Netherlands, is fascinating. It celebrates the anniversary of the 170-year history of the iconic Dutch fabric design brand, Vlisco. The artists who created the exhibit are mind-blowingly creative. They’ve imagined an evocative experience that stays with you. The colors and patterns alone are worth a look, and the rich history reveals depth well beyond the fabric. In a word—magnificent.

2 Modern buildings that demand a double take

Plain and boring facades are a thing of the past for these 10 modern buildings. Gone are the days when architects were compelled to design buildings to match up to the aesthetics of the neighborhood. These are literally works of art.Each one of these are completely unique, and certainly cause one to take a second look. Well actually, more likely to stare. Creativity radiates from these 10 new neighborhood icons.

3 Modern Home Makeover in East Hampton

This renovation by Blaze Makoid is stunning. Granted it started with a great piece of property, but Makoid’s complete transformation of this 10,000 square-foot residence is a visual masterpiece.The Old Orchard Project does a beautiful job integrating nature, art and structure. Yet, it also comes off as very livable and comfortable. That’s an art form in itself.

4 The Museum of the Moon

If you have a fascination for the moon, you’re not alone. The moon has been the inspiration for science, art, thoughts and ideas since the beginning of mankind. It’s illuminated beliefs, rituals, and myths for all living cultures. It’s been a measure of time and light for all living things.This touring multidisciplinary artwork installation by Luke Jerram immerses you in history, accomplishment, and meaning. One of the most interesting aspects of the exhibit is how it invites each location to add its own touches. The added elements of music, stories, mythologies then become part of the permanent installation. Enlightening and uplifting to say the least.

5 Thailand’s Kameela Hotel.

Four ancient clans are represented in this highly alluring yet unusual modern hotel in beautiful. It’s the ultimate manifestation of integrating the outdoors with the indoors. The Kathu District’s lush hillsides provide the perfect setting for this modern hotel nestled right into nature.

The creators divided the grounds to represent four different clans of fictitious ancient Phuket settlers, developing each with a different architecture and lifestyle. This hotel truly looks like a dream come true.

That’s the five favorites for now. Hope you found them as interesting as we did. Let us know in the comments.

Photo by: antoine-beauvillain-17799 unsplash.com

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