How can fall be here already? Why does summer always seem so short? We love the fall season, but, quite honestly, we’re feeling a bit of a let-down around our office. Giving up another summer can be tough on the psyche. Somehow summer gives us permission to be more care-free and a little less scheduled. Leaving behind warm summer nights, swimming, barbecues and summer vacations isn’t easy.

Fall seems to usher in such an abrupt change. With it, comes a good dose of anxiety.

There’s adjusting to cooler weather. Shorter days. Being inside more. That mental shift that says put it in high gear.

Time to be productive. The end of the year is looming. It can trigger the head spin. How are we going to get all our projects done for the year?

Can we bring projects in on budget? Will we make our numbers? Will I be able to meet my goals? Can we meet rising end-of-the-year client expectations? Etc., etc., etc.

If you and your co-workers are feeling it, know you’re not alone. Studies show that half of us are prone to the blues this time of year. With an even higher percentage among Europeans.

Except the French. There might be something here to be learned from them.

Fall transitions

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They, of course, are famous for their month-long August holidays. To help say good-bye to summer and welcome fall, they have a tradition around “la rentrèe.”

Literally meaning “the return”, it’s reference is first back to school, but it also signals the start of new political, professional and social calendars. From what we understand, Fall represents a new beginning to the French, not the end of summer. It’s a time of optimism. A celebration of what’s to come.

Hey, why not? We’re officially adopting the French perspective around our office—embracing fall as a new beginning.

This inspired us to dive a little deeper into how to gracefully transition from summer to fall. Here are the 9 best ideas we found to lift our mojo:

1. Plan the next vacation. Or at least start the dreaming phase. Whether we get to go on vacation or not, planning it is always uplifting.

2. Find a new flow. The fall equinox is all about balance. Day and night are the same length. Create a fresh routine that balances work and time away from the office.

3. Reset priorities. Re-focus on the things that really matter. September is the most fitting month on the calendar to hit the reset button.

4. Get organized. Make lists, plans, and actionable steps with timelines. This helps us ward off the onset of overwhelm and head spin.

VIOSKI Tuulla Loveseat

Photo: VIOSKI Tuulla Loveseat

5. Use the office space to help beat the blues. Add some color. A new piece of furniture. Bring in some new plants or trees. Bring the outdoors indoors.

6. Practice acceptance. It’s okay not to feel our most creative selves just yet. Relax, take a deep breath. Let the transition happen naturally.

7. Break down goals into bite size pieces. Big undertakings can be daunting. There’s a satisfaction in being able to check off bits. It helps us feel like we’re accomplishing something.

8. Get physical. Change up the workout routine. Add something new. And get sleep. Sleep recharges the brain so it can work at full capacity.

9. Let go. As the leaves fall from the trees, let burdens of the past go with them.

Armed with these practical and uplifting tips, and our new perspective, we’re now ready to bring on fall. It’s time to get energized with optimism. After all, isn’t positive thinking half the battle in this business?

If you have ideas on how to make the fall transition more enjoyable, we’d love to hear them.

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