Photo: Yoshino Cedar House collaborated by Airbnb’s design

We love design, art, architecture, travel and culture. Our business is focused on redefining modern furniture design. But we’re inspired by a far greater sphere of creativity. From fascinating travel to unexpected architecture, remarkable art installations to captivating objects in the design world, we run across blogs each week, we think are worthy of a read.  Just in case you didn’t see them, we’d like to share our five for the week, with a special thanks to the bloggers who originally posted these intriguing stories.

1. Numbers add up to an astonishing tribute. In celebrations of the 10th anniversary of its National Art Center, Tokyo commissioned Tokyo-based architect Emmanuelle Moureaux to create an installation to portray the next 10 years of the Center. What he created is a mesmerizing mass of colorful numbers spanning 2000 square meters, adding up to an incredible tribute. Dare we say mind-boggling?

Photo Courtesy of National Art Center Tokyo

2. Iconic Mid-Century Modern Homes in Palm Springs. This one hits the heart of our world. At VIOSKI, we’re immersed in reimagining mid-century modern furniture every day. Looking back at the classics that helped shape the mid-century modern movement is always inspiring. It’s no wonder these legendary architects and designers are still celebrated today. Design Milk posted this story featuring 8 fabulous iconic mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs, as a salute to modernism.

Photo by: Darren Bradley Photography


3. Italian architect Stefano Boeri’s “Vertical Forest” in China.  Stefano Boeri has unveiled plans to construct two towers covered with trees and trailing plants in the center of Nanjing. The project, which is already underway, features over 1,000 trees and 2,500 plants. It will not only provide high-density housing and office space, but the plants will also produce oxygen and absorb CO2 to help offset pollution. Boeri’s done this before in Lausanne and Milan. How brilliant!

Photo by Stefano Boeri, “Vertical Forest”

Photo by: Stefano Boeri, “Vertical Forest”


4. A Game Created Just For Designers? You don’t see this one every day. Estudio Victor Aleman (EVA) set out to develop a game that would bring us back to those times when people actually spent time gathered around together to play a physical game. They created The Grid Game, a mix of classic gaming, mathematics, and design inspirations from Dieter Rams. We’re guessing anyone can play, but designers—you just might have the advantage.

Photo of The Grid Game by Estudio Vistor Aleman


5. A Japanese Teahouse on a Vancouver Rooftop. And now, take a moment for a deep breath. In conjunction with an exhibition of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma’s work across the street, Kuma designed a tranquil traditional teahouse atop the roof of the 19-story Shaw Tower. It sits on the terrace of a modern show apartment, surrounded by stunning views. The exhibition is a retrospective of Kuma’s architectural work through photography and study models.

Photo by: Ema Peter

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