Five Modern Residences Integrating Nature—Don’t Miss These Architectural Beauties

As aficionados of modern design and architecture, we like to share blogs we think you shouldn’t miss. Lately, under the influence of the mid-century modern movement, and our re-envisioned New-Century Modern sensibilities, we’ve run across some fabulous new homes that beautifully intertwine the exterior and interior worlds. These homes embody our point-of-view of what new-century modern represents. From our perspective, this intrinsic relationship between nature and architecture is the ultimate. When design is grounded in nature, the emotion and experience of it becomes far more rewarding.

Pause for a moment, and take in these natural beauties. Transport yourself to these peaceful masterpieces nestled among nature.

  1. The Farm in Gerringong. Let’s first travel to New South Wales, Australia. The Cool Hunter featured this family holiday retreat designed by Sydney-based Fergus Scott Architects. The owners wanted not only a home they could enjoy, but also to accommodate up to 30 guests at a time. If that’s not challenge enough, there’s also some mighty extreme weather. The site straddles an exposed ridge and headlands perpetually battered by voracious winds. The architects ingeniously designed this stunning holiday home to tame the fierceness of nature, and still take full advantage of the surrounding scenery and vistas. Wow!

    Photo: Courtesy of Scott Architects

  2. The unconventional Bridge House. Located in Hancock Park in Los Angeles, this highly innovative home, designed by Dan Brunn Architecture, symbolizes innovations in technology, architecture, and lifestyle. The 200-foot long residence extends over a brook that flows through the grounds. The waterway is used as the natural delineation between public and private spaces. At the highest point, the outdoor terrace is not only the fulcrum of the building, but it also makes a connection with the outdoors. Nature has been fully engaged in the design of this unique residence.

    Photo: Courtesy of Dan Brunn Architecture

  3. An adventurous mountain retreat. Nestled in the Methow Valley in Washington State, this family compound is an open invitation to interact with the outdoors. Designed by Seattle-based Olson Kundig as a second home for an active family, the complex boasts a public building, private quarters, guest rooms and detached sauna. The way the buildings frame the panoramic views were central to the design process. Sitting at the crest of 20 acres, this gorgeous escape takes the integration of nature to the next level.

    Photo: Courtesy of Olson Kundig Architects

  4. Dramatic concrete home in Cape Town. This captivating concrete South African respite rests on a lofty perch overlooking the beach-side neighborhoods of Bantry Bay and Clifton. The back of the home nestles into the mountainside, while the front opens out onto the landscape. Sections of the outside walls slide away to extend living spaces out onto the expansive terraces. Designed by South African studio SOATA, this home is consumed by views of the dramatic rock formations, and beyond.

    Photo: Courtesy of SOATA

  5. Casa Kwantes Rotterdam, Netherlands. This curvaceous beauty sits on a corner lot in Rotterdam. Surrounded by other homes, it’s a bit of an anomaly in the context of the integration with nature. Designed by MDRVD, the architects had to meet the municipal retro-style architecture requirements for the neighborhood, so they came up with a new perspective on 1930’s modernism. As for nature? The curves of the home flow gracefully around a lone olive tree, creating a dramatic effect.

    Photo: Courtesy of MDRVD Architects

Ahhhh…nature and design. What a beautiful partnership. Do you have a home or the work of an architectural firm you’d like to share? Or thoughts on any of these stories? Let us know at VIOSKI Blog.

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