Do you find yourself slightly obsessed with modern furniture and design? Maybe culture and travel, too? How about art, architecture, and industrial design? Yep, so do we. What a fascinating and enriching realm to explore. Fortunately, there are many other aficionados out there sharing intriguing stories about these subjects every day. A heartfelt thanks to all of you.

We’d like to share five of our favorite blogs we ran across last week, just in case you missed them.

  1. Did you see the new Lexus Sport Yacht? It’s quite something. The sleek form of the yacht itself is stunning. Over-the-top luxury would likely describe any experience one might have while aboard. Imagine cruising the Mediterranean on board this beauty for a week or two.

  2. Perhaps you’ve also been overly curious about the phenomenon called the Aurora Borealis since childhood. These Northern Lights have to be one of Mother Earth’s grandest spectacles. Seeing them up close would be a dream. Take a look at this Tree House Hotel in northern Sweden. This is definitely another “must go” trip to add to the travel list. Not only to see the lights, but also to check out this outrageous charred timber cladded modern hotel cabin built into the trees.

  3. The art of the gift is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Friends and business associates from Japan and other foreign lands have taught us well through the years. Gifting is an act of grace and respect–an opportunity to present something unique and unexpected. These new modern gift wrap boxes do just that. Kudos to the German designers who created Wrappu, a modern way to wrap a special gift.

  4. If you’ve ever been to Barcelona, you’ll understand our love affair with this vibrant cultural center. What a thriving modern art scene. When we came across this Ultra-modern Residence that doubles as a modern art exhibition space, it seemed quite fitting for this culturally rich region. Interesting modern architecture, great plays on light, and modern art give this expansive home new dimension.

  5. Traveling across the globe to Japan, there’s a 45-year old hotel in Tottori that has been completely renovated into a fabulous modern, minimalist hostel and café. Many of the materials from the old building were re-used in the new space. The idea of a capsule hotel is intriguing to say the least, and The Drop Inn & Café looks to have all the amenities.

That’s the five for this week. Special thanks to DesignMilk and Dezeen for publishing such great posts. As always, if you have thoughts you’d like to add, please do so in the comment section.

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