A New Century Modern Perspective

We can never underestimate the power of nature. Science has proven its benefits for both our emotional and physical wellness. It can alter the way we feel about life.

But, nature’s influence goes far beyond our well-being, in our world of design and architecture. It simply makes everything better.

Whether in form, function, flow, balance, texture, or color, nature has played an integral role through history. Just focusing on color alone, what nature has to offer is, literally, endless. That’s why nature is the ultimate color resource for our new-century modern furniture design business.

It boasts splendid displays in every hue, intensity, and value imaginable. From vibrant to subdued, clear to muted, neutrals to primaries, and in every color family on earth. All you need to do is look closely to see the infinite color options in the natural world.

While it’s not specifically about nature or color, we’re reminded of Paul Smith’s book, “You Can Find Inspiration in Everything … And If You Can’t, Look Again.”

Book by: Paul Smith

Just the title is a rewarding life mantra and poignant reminder. To be present. To be aware of what surrounds us. To be rewarded with the rich and constant creative source within us. And so it is with color in nature.

In fact, there’s so much out there, it’s difficult to know where to even begin a discussion. A while ago, we started a Pinterest, “Colors” board, and while it’s still in development, we’re in awe of the infinite range of color possibilities found in nature. And, of course, we’re fascinated by how color effects our emotional being.


Whether its trees, flowers, succulents, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, or grasses, plants offer ever-changing color palettes.

Trees alone can inform thousands of color palettes. This close-up image of a tree trunk reveals a fabulous neutral palette in harmonious grays and browns. Creating gentle, relaxing spaces.

Photo by: Alberto Restifo -172369

Photo by: Rebecca Olson, Barcelona Tree Bark

Greens, browns and naturals make up this peaceful color story along a tree lined lane. Greens suggest a quiet walk in the woods. They refresh and soothe the soul.


Photo by: In Color Balance,

Succulents are also a great source for beautiful palettes within the plant category. Ranging from soft greens and grays to vibrant purples, reds, turquoise and chartreuse. They transport us from serenity to rejuvenation.

Photo by: In Color Balance,

Photo by:


Birds, insects, sea life, big cats, zebras, and other magnificent animals display an expansive assortment of color possibilities.

Birds provide a huge range of colorful hues all of their own. The Greater Yellow-Naped Woodpecker sports a neutral olive green against a softened blue sky. The gray or brown tones from the branch, and accents in yellow like his nape, or in leaf green, produce a natural, perfectly balanced color palette.


The European Bee Eater flaunts a palette of rusty oranges, accented with greens and blue tones. Add a neutral backdrop, and yet another melodious color palette emerges, making for a happy space.

Photo by: Reincarnation Cristalero

The Northern Flicker brandishes a palette of neutrals, with small doses of pop color in red or yellow, or a softened grey-blue. Relaxing, yet interesting.

Photo: Northern Flicker, credit


Turn to the sea, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, caves, mineral deposits, grasslands, sand dunes, forests, and rock formations, to start. Inspiration is truly everywhere.

The dramatic seascape of Cap Blanc Nez on the Northern Coastline of France, shows off nature’s vibrant blues and greens. This is a palette designed to sweep away the tensions of the day, and immerse oneself in the calming effects of nature.


Another landscape with geology in full display, this sedimentary rock formation presents a more subdued color grouping. The neutrals of the warm sandy and brown tones and soft blues and grays are ideal for a reflective retreat.

Photo: In Color Balance,

The Luray Caverns in the U.S. state of Virginia, reach as high as a ten-story building and are filled with clear pools of water and stalactite formations. They exude many different palettes. This one plays on subdued greens, browns, and warm earth tones. A perfect palette for new century modern design.


Inspiration is clearly everywhere in nature. From peaceful to energetic, fun to subdued, mother nature holds a color story to enhance any mood or feeling. After all, nature is the ultimate color resource.

VIOSKI is an experience of artistic expression brought to life in timeless furniture design. Unique in style, charismatic and sensual. Each piece is masterfully created to be simple yet complex. Proportional yet fluid. Handcrafted in California, by master artisans who devote themselves to extraordinary quality. VIOSKI is new-century modern.