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One of the most important principles in New Century Modern Design is its intrinsic relationship with nature. So, when we run across stories that speak to this symbiotic partnership, our interest is certainly piqued.

Here’s five blogs we found particularly engaging. If you love modern architecture, mid-century modern design, nature, and ingenuity, these are for you. Enjoy!

1. Vitrocsa Turntable Window System.

Photo: Vitrocsa USA website, cabin in British Columbia, Canada

Vitrocsa USA website

What better way to invite nature into a home than with windows that bring the outdoors indoors. Literally.

These Invisible Window Walls from the Swiss company Vitrocsa, grace homes in over 20 countries. It’s no wonder. They offer the cleanest site lines possible, and cleverly pivot to open fully and immerse you in surrounding nature. Spectacular and beyond!

 2. Yoshino Cedar House for Airbnb, Japan.

Drawing from the resources of the natural environment, and the soul of the community, this beautiful Airbnb introduces a new concept that’s worth taking in.  It’s an entrepreneurial endeavor designed to revive the local community of Yoshino and help preserve ancient customs.

Photo: Yoshino Cedar House collaborated by Airbnb’s design studio

Photo:  Samara, and Go Hasegawa

Local artisans milled the local cedar, and the town craftsmen built the house. It’s maintained by the community and the proceeds all go back to support the town of Yoshino.  A wonderful idea, and an inviting showcase of nature.

3. Frank Lloyd Wright 150th Anniversary.

This piece is brought to us by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and by our friends at Design Milk.

It’s hard to believe Frank Lloyd Wright was born 150 years ago this month. A visionary in his time, his design principles are just as relevant today.

Architects and designers around the world continue to be influenced by his work and philosophies. He had a tremendous respect for nature. All his buildings were designed to live within the natural environment, and improve it wherever possible.

Photo by Robert P. Ruschak, courtesy of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

For Jeff Vioski, founder and designer of the VIOSKI New Century Modern furniture collection, Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence flourishes in his use of natural materials, and the harmonious relationship to nature.  (link this to the NCM blog when published)

Design Milk asked other current architects and designers to see how Frank Lloyd Wright influences their work. It’s quite inspiring to hear and see how the greatest American architect lives on in spirit and principle.

4. “Ways of Life” Exhibition at the Kulturbahnhof Kassel in Germany. Architects Christoph Hesse and Neeraj Bhatia are co-curating an upcoming exhibition as part of Experimenta Urbana, opening on July 5th.

Nineteen emerging architectural firms each presents a dwelling encompassed in nature. The premise of the show is to explore the delicate balance between the relaxation naturally induced from nature and the demands for productivity from technology.

Each firm had to create within the constraints of limitations on square footage, integration of technology, and a strictly sustainable design. Fascinating.

Photo: Courtesy of Penda

5. Bower Bird House of Seduction.

A bird as an architect? Well, not literally, but the Bowerbird from down under comes pretty close. These clever birds spend months building elaborate abodes to attract a mate.

Interestingly enough, different varieties of bowerbirds chose different colors for embellishment. Typically, the more colorful birds choose more muted tones, while the more neutral colored birds go for the brighter colors in flower petals, leaves and objects to decorate their homes. Competition for female attention is tough for these little birds of seduction. This is truly nature and architecture working together for a cause.

Courtesy of Flickr User Brian Ralphs, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Let us know if you have examples of nature and design working together, or if you’d like to share any comments about these blogs.

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