Bringing the outdoors indoors was one of the grounding principles of the original Mid-Century Modern Movement. It’s also a concept that’s central to New-Century Modern Design.

When we come across modern architecture that’s been harmoniously designed to honor nature, we feel compelled to share it. Here are 5 gorgeous homes that bring the outdoors indoors. If you share our love for modern architecture entwined with nature, we think you’ll enjoy seeing these homes.

British Columbia Respite

Organically Grown Out of a Park, this home is positioned atop a rocky outcropping overlooking Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. It’s surrounded by the glory of nature.

Designed by D’Arcy Jones out of Vancouver, BC, it truly is an extension of the park. Adding to its beauty is its unique charred Douglas Fir cladding. Natural in nature, as it should be. Bringing the outdoors indoors.



outdoors indoors

Photo: The Oak Pass House surrounded by old growth oak by Walker Workshop

A Concrete Home Nestled Among Old Oaks.

This stunning home sits on 3.5 acres on the rim of a canyon, and is literally situated in the middle of a protected grove of grand 130-year old-growth oaks. It required a delicate touch in both design and construction.

These preservation challenges were elegantly met by the Walker Workshop. Views and vistas over and through the Oak Pass Main House make this massive structure appear much smaller than it is. It sits in complete harmony with surrounding nature.

That’s impressive design all around.



Outdoors Indoors in Quebec

Photo: Adrien Williams

An Open-Minded Lake Home in Quebec.

This home was built without boundaries with the ultimate consideration of the landscape as the starting point. It showcases the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors throughout the home.

Designed for two sisters as a second residence by ACDF Architecture, the Montreal-based studio grounded its design in the natural setting of Lake Memphremagog, a favorite escape for local city dwellers.




Photo: Miami Pine Tree Home by SOATA

Miami Beach Pine Tree House.

Situated between a busy road and an active canal in the historic Collins Waterfront District, this magnificent home maximizes nature in a city setting.

South African-based SOATA brings the concept of indoor outdoor space to grand life in this spectacular modern home. The firm stayed true to its ethos of creating a “porous” home that embraces the landscape and the sky.




outdoors indoors in Austin

Photo: Michael Hsu Architecture, Rosedale Home in Austin


Urban Rosedale Family Complex.

Built to house 3 generations in Austin, it’s located in the historic Rosedale neighborhood of Austin, Texas. The urban duplex was designed by Michael Hsu Architecture for communal family living.

The large windows capture natural daylight in each unit while maintaining complete privacy. Sliding window walls connect the indoors to the outdoor landscape.


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